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Resource Society receives funds for playground projects

Golden Community Resource Society received donations to update Kinsman Park equipment and washrooms
Western Financial donated $5,000 from their Community Fund Infrastructure Grant to the Resource Society, represented by Shelly Wadden, for their Kinsman Park project. Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo

The Golden Community Resource Society has received two generous donations from the Columbia Valley Credit Union and Western Financial, which will go towards the Kinsman Park project.

The project will update the playground equipment at the park, as well as add a washroom facility to the area.

The project has a total price tag of $68,500, and thanks to these two donations as well as a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust, they are ready to start construction. The Town of Golden has made in kind donations to get the job done.

The new playground equipment will be in place in June. The washrooms will be constructed this year, however will not be placed at the park until next year.

The Columbia Valley Credit Union donated $1,000 to the Golden Community Resources Society, represented by Shelly Wadden (centre) to go towards the Kinsman Park project. Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo