RCMP give presentation to Town council

RCMP Sgt. Troy Durand gave an update to councillors about what has been happening in Golden.

RCMP Sgt. Troy Durand attended the Town of Golden regular council meeting on May 8 to give an update to the councillors.

Durand explained that many of the crime statistics for the area have not changed much since last year.

He went on to speak to council about the priorities for the local RCMP detachment.

In total he said the detachment has five major  priorities. Alcohol, drugs, road safety, identifying prolific offenders and police visibility.

Durand said the RCMP has been working with local groups and has given many talks on both drugs and alcohol.

He also added the RCMP has been working on a prime reduction strategy which had a focus on grow operations and trafficking of drugs.

“We did two grow ops last year and as people know two weeks ago we did two. So we are ahead this year,” Durand said.

The RCMP also issued 780 moving violation tickets under the motor vehicle act including 111 impaired charges. Durand explained the impaired number was high due to different legislation which was in last year which ended in September.

The RCMP were also working to become more visible in town and last summer’s foot patrols was positively accepted by both residents and visitors in the community. This program will be happening again this summer and one officer from the detachment will also be taking a bike patrol course in the upcoming weeks.