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Practice makes perfect when local fire departments work together

Fire Chief for the Town of Golden Ken McClure shares an update on the local fire department.
Firefighters from Nicholson and Golden held a joint practice to share ideas on training and skills

Ken McClure

Fire Chief, Town of Golden

On Tuesday July 31 both the Golden Fire Rescue and Nicholson Fire Departments held a Mutual-Aid fire practice.

During the months of the year that have five Tuesdays, both Departments get together on the last Tuesday of the month to practice their skills together to ensure that both departments can work together as a unit.

We compare and understand each others equipment and capacities.

During last evenings fire practice we were practicing our Incident Command System, communications and pumps and pumping along with the use of arial operations as well.

Each department takes turns hosting the event and this months practice was Golden’s turn.

The simulation was held at the arena complex. Both departments were fully engaged in fire practice as some day they may be called  to work together to combat such an event.

The event is a worse case scenario that challenge’s the capabilities of any fire service.

The practice was a success, with both departments having some very tired firefighters.

The Chiefs of Nicholson and Golden will have a debriefing meeting to go over the best practices of combating such an event and to learn from the blending of our two departments teams,  as well as learning what could be accomplished better in the event of a real situation.

The next scheduled Mutual-Aid practice is October which will be held in the Nicholson Fire Protection District.