Parson gets ready for a Spring Fling

The Parson Spring Fling is back for another year with the celebration happening on May 11.

It will be a great day to listen to music

It will be a great day to listen to music

After a successful inaugural event, the Parson Spring Fling is back for its second year on May 11.

“The turnout last year was awesome. It basically allowed up to keep the hall open for another year,” said Trina Wolfenden, president of the Parson Hall Society, which puts the spring fling on. “It was a really good event for us.”

The event brings people outdoors, to the area around the Parson Hall, and keeps them entertained with a market, barbecue, pony rides, and kids activities and crafts.

“We’ve got a lot of entertainment, lots of singers will be there. We’ve got Travis and Larry Pickering, Infinite, a really good lineup of music,” said Wolfenden.

There will also be plenty of vendors in the market, including the usuals from the Golden Farmers’ Market, artisans, as well as several tables for both the community and private garage sales.

And since the Spring Fling is the day before Mother’s Day, they will have a special activity set up for the kids.

“We’re going to have a kid’s crafting table so that kids can make Mother’s Day presents,” said Wolfenden.

Last year, the Spring Fling was an event to help garner some support for the Parson Hall, then in danger of being closed down. Now the hall sees some regular users, including a church group, and exercise classes, and has also gotten an upgrade to its heating system.

“It was such a good turnout last year, even though it was our first time. So we’re hoping that this year will be even better. And the more people that come, the more activities we’ll have the next year. So I think it has the potential to grow into something big,” said Wolfenden.

The Spring Fling will be outside the Parson Hall on Highway 95 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday May 12, and will move inside the hall if it rains.