New signs should help confused tourists get around Golden

Visitor Sign Program putting up new signs and more to come

People may have noticed the new signs popping up around town.

These signs are the first of the Visitor Sign Program but certainly won’t be the last.

“The signs are one component of a larger plan for increased and better quality way-finding signs for Golden and Golden services,” said Jon Wilsgard, Manager of Corporate Administration.

When tourists visit Golden, it’s not rare for them to get lost. Although there are signs around town, there is often a problem of too many signs in some areas and not enough in others. The Visitor Sign Program will tackle this issue by taking out unnecessary signs and giving more convenient information on where you are and where you are heading.

“Take a look around and say ‘if I didn’t know this place at all, would I know where to go?’” asked Wislgard, who added the program hopes to eliminate the usual answer of ‘no’.

The signs will help visitors find their way and eliminate the confusion from sign clutter around Golden.

“The sign in front of the credit union eliminated three smaller signs on the same boulevard,” Wilsgard pointed out.

This also aids in beautifying Golden by replacing old signs with a contemporary new look.

This look may be familiar to locals, as the signs are very similar to the B.C. Visitors Centre @ Golden. The consistent look will allow people to know that the signs give important information that may help them in their stay in Golden.

The Visitor Sign Program is one component of a five-year expenditure plan under the province’s Resort Municipality Initiative. This means that they are not paid for by local tax-payers.

In the future, signs will be placed on the trails around Golden, more in town, the new overpass and will be replacing the half moon crescent signs that welcome visitors to town.