New program aims at giving patients a chance to be heard

Golden to host Patient Voices Network orientation.

Patients are being given the chance to have their voices heard.

The Patient Voices Network, an organization which helps patients get involved with healthcare changes, will be having an orientation in Golden.

The PVN, a non government organization, was created to provide British Columbian patients, their families and their caregivers the opportunity to actively participate in primary healthcare changes.

Orientations are held across B.C. to give information on healthcare and provide the tools, like communication, that they may need.

The group’s motto, nothing about me without me, demonstrates their belief that those affected by healthcare changes should be involved in creating them. The patients are involved in advisory committees and conferences while also working with professionals who make the decisions.

When a change is being created in the area, the PVN looks for what criteria would be required in a patient. They then pick patients that fit that criteria and prepare them. The patient is informed of where they are going, who will be there, the terminology that will be used and anything else the patient may need to know.

Golden will be hosting the orientation in mid July and is one of the four communities in the Kootenays that the PVN will be travelling to this summer. Patients, family members and caregivers aged 19 and up are all welcome to attend. To book your spot, call 1-888-742-1772. For more information visit