Barb Davies Golden Food Bank co-ordinator

Barb Davies Golden Food Bank co-ordinator

New co-ordinator at the Golden Food Bank

The Golden Food Bank has a new co-ordinator who is ready for the road ahead.

The Golden Food Bank has hired a new co-ordinator just in time for the busy holiday season.

Barb Davies, who recently moved here with her family from Calgary, has been in the position since the beginning of December.

“We came here for the lifestyle change. We enjoy skiing and the outdoors… and have spent lots of time in the mountains over the years. It’s nicer to be in the mountains and enjoy them, than to drive from Calgary every time you want to go,” said Davies. “It was a customer of ours in Calgary who had land out in the Blaeberry, and always raved about it. So that’s how we discovered it, and we bought some land out in the Blaeberry.”

Davies is trained as a nutritionist, and owned her own health store in Calgary. And although this is new to her, she is excited about getting involved in the community through the food bank.

“This is a very different experience for me. It’s a lot to learn and a lot to take in during a busy time of the year, but I think there’s a lot of opportunities and a lot of potential here,” she said.

Davies is already impressed by the generosity and support the community has already shown in the few short weeks she has been with the food bank.

“It’s amazing to be in here, and to see people continue to flow in with food donations as well as cash donations.”

The CP Holiday Train was a huge success as well, and the food bank received $4,000 from CP, $420 from the community, and 200 pounds of food.

“It really helps out in the winter months when we don’t have the community garden going, and the gleaning that happens in the fall to get fresh produce,” said Davies.

“And just a big thank you to the funders who make the food bank possible.”