MasqueParade approaches

Children make balloon lanterns and other crafts at the Playhouse during Saturday afternoon’s workshop.

Children make balloon lanterns and other crafts at the Playhouse during Saturday afternoon’s workshop.

This year’s Playhouse is busier than ever before, with workshops often seeing over 30 creative folks coming out and getting their hands dirty.

And the most common creature people are creating this year? The wolf.

Joyce deBoer, one of the festival’s main volunteers, said wolves are so popular because of this year’s theme: Marvelous Night for a Moondance. As for masks, deBoer is excited to see the transformation when people put their creation on the night of the MasqueParade.

“People can lose their own personality and become whoever or whatever the mask is,” she said. “It adds a whole other element to the whole night.

Something just added to the celebration is the opportunity to write down your fear or worry on a small piece of paper at the Playhouse. These notes will all be strung together and burnt in a ceremonious manner in the fire at the MasqueParade celebration. To counter the negative thoughts, there will also be prayer flags to write down your hopes and dreams. These flags will be hung in the air at the ceremony.

Golden Secondary School (GSS) is also getting more involved in this year’s celebrations. A group of students will be window panting downtown windows in the next few weeks to reflect the MasqueParade theme. The GSS drama class is also preparing a “Comedia dell’arte”—a type of Italian theatre performance which involves masks, improvisation and a silent story of sorts.

Due to the popularity of last year’s snow sculpture competition, the event is coming back! Last year, the event was funded by the Torch Relay Celebrations. This year, Kicking Horse Culture (KHC) has secured a Spirit Fest grant from the Province of BC and has scheduled the community Snow Sculpture day to kick off the MasqueParade week on Saturday, Feb. 12.

The snow sculptures will then form part of the celebrations on MasqueParade evening Sat. Feb. 19 as paraders leave Spirit Square after the Pageant and parade along the south side of the river to Kumsheen Park for the carnival events. KHC is inviting 8 teams of four people (teams with children/youth under14 must include adults) to create snow sculptures in Kumsheen Park on Sat., Feb. 12, 2011. There are eight blocks and only 8 teams will be chosen. Team must register and provide a $20 refundable deposit to the Art Gallery of Golden to hold your spot.

KHC is thrilled and wants to thank the 30 volunteers that are helping with this year’s celebration, doing everything from hosting workshops to cleaning the Playhouse bathrooms to teaching mime in the schools.

Read The Golden Star in coming weeks for more MasqueParade updates.

There was an error in last week’s article “Chamber presents Snow-Block Street Party and Sale”. The MasqueParade starts at 6:30 pm, not 7 pm.