“Love is Louder” at Golden Secondary School

Iris Trask, Golden Secondary School Principal gives an update about being engaged during the school year.

Mrs. Iris Trask

GSS Principal

We have lots of activities going on at Golden Secondary that are keeping students and staff engaged and making the most of this school year.

Our Leadership class led by Mrs. Runa Bjarnason-Wilson, along with the P.A.R.T.Y. Students’ Council led by Mrs. Dawn Purvis, is spearheading a “Love is Louder” campaign which is underway this month.

The idea is to participate in the February 29 Anti-bullying Day, but with a focus on the positive aspects of interaction, promoting kindness and treating each other with respect.

These students have put together an attractive display in one of our showcases in the forum, have put up posters around the school, and are working on a video to present at an assembly later in the month.

Students will be encouraged to write out complimentary comments about other students near the end of the month.

They will be asked to write about someone they know, but don’t normally hang around with at school. The grand finale of the campaign will be on Feb. 29, when each student in the school will receive a hand-written, personalized compliment and a “Sparkler” juice drink.

Thanks to our GSS PAC for supporting this campaign by providing the Sparklers and prizes.

The International Day of Pink on Feb. 29  is a day of action, born when a youth in a high school in Cambridge, Nova Scotia was bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school.

His fellow students decided to stand up to bullying: hundreds of students came to school wearing pink to show support for diversity and stopping discrimination, bullying and homophobia.

To carry on this tradition, students at GSS are encouraged to wear pink to school and celebrate “Love is Louder.”

We are in the middle of course selections for next year, with a student-parent course information evening on Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in the GSS forum. This is a great opportunity for parents and students to drop by and receive individual support with course selections. Last Thursday, we held grade-assemblies for students so that valuable information could be shared about courses, pathways, and factors to consider when making these decisions. This is an important process as it determines what courses are going to run next year, and ensures that students are able to take the courses they are interested in and need in order to attain their post-high school goals.

For parents who are interested in having a voice and participating in discussions about Golden Secondary, please attend the next Parents’ Advisory Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 20 in the GSS Library. If you have ideas, concerns, or questions, this is the best format to address these in a pro-active, constructive manner. Parents can be powerful role models for their children when they use their voices in healthy, positive ways. We look forward to seeing you there.