Little Mittens looks to help with low income program

The Little Mittens Animal Rescue Association is looking to help low income pet owners look after their cats.

Thanks to some funding from the Columbia Basin Trust, Little Mittens Animal Rescue Association was able to launch a new Low Income Spay & Neuter Voucher Project.

The funding came from CBT’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Grant, and will help low income pet owners in Golden spay or neuter their cats.

“We’re very grateful for the continued support from CBT for our initiatives,” said Jamie Crawford, the program administrator with Little Mittens.

The program was launched on April 1, and will continue until Dec. 31 of this year, provided the funding lasts that long.

“There is a limited amount of funding, so if it runs out prior to Dec. 31, the project will end early,” said Crawford. “It’s best to get applications in as soon as possible, especially since kitten season is getting into full swing now that spring has arrived.”

Little Mittens has been focusing on the feral cat population for the past two years. But they haven’t been able to address a significant contributing factor, unsterilized cats with owners, until now.

“It’s important to remember that cat over-population problems begin because pet owners do not ‘fix’ their animals, and then quickly gets out of control,” said Crawford. “We realize that spay and neuter surgeries are expensive and are often out of the realm of affordability for many families and individuals in Golden. We wanted to run a project that could help with this.”

The program is available to all residents of Golden and District with cats. Interested applicants can fill out an application form (available at Cats to Cattle, or by emailingĀ  Little Mittens). Proof of income may be required to determine eligibility.

Approved individuals will be provided with a voucher for up to five feline spay and/or neuter procedures, valid at either the Invermere Veterinary Hospital, or Columbia Veterinary Services in Golden.

The cost of a voucher is a minimum donation of $10 per cat. If you have any questions about the program, or would like to fill out a application form, you can email Crawford at