A collection of leather masks

A collection of leather masks

Leather masks at Art Gallery of Golden great for Snow King events

Leather masks, created by Pam Williamson, are on display and available for purchase at the Art Gallery of Golden.

The Snow King’s Masque Parade is coming back to town again this February, and what better way to get ready than for the Art Gallery of Golden to host an exhibit of fantastical and playful leather masks, created by Pam Williamson.

Williamson has worked in different mediums of art for most of her life, but only started working on the leather masks about four years ago.

“I did some painting on sets for a benefit and in return a friend showed me how to make the masks,” she said.

Williamson explained that she is constantly coming up with different inspirations for her masks.

“That is the nice thing about the mask making. It doesn’t matter what I am interested in, I can go off and work on it,” she said.

She explained that leather is an interesting medium for her to work in because it will do anything an artists wants it to do as long as it is treated right.

“It is awesome because if I can dream it, I can make it. It doesn’t matter how much I get into it, I always want to get into it more,” she said.

Williamson said it has been great to have the Art Gallery of Golden in town to support her and other artists in the area.

“The art gallery means so much to artists in this neck of the woods. We don’t have an awful lot of outlets and it’s wonderful to have an outlet as sophisticated as this art gallery is.”

When asked which mask jumped out to her as one she really liked, Williamson explained, it is always the last one she has made.

“It is fun to watch people change personalities when they put a mask on. Costuming is one of those things that allows you to go in a direction that you would normally never take,” she said.

All masks are for sale at the art gallery so people can pick one out for the upcoming Masque Costume Ball on Friday, Feb. 15.

Williamson’s exhibit was made possible in part by support from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.