Lawn Tractor Racing Returns to the Fall Faire in Golden

One of the top activities at the Fall Faire in Golden is returning for a new ride.

Colleen Palumbo


A favoured activity at the Kicking Horse Fall Faire has been the Lawn Tractor racing competition, and this year the organizers are looking for more entries.

You may be wondering how you turn the family lawn mower into a fire breathing, high intensity racing machine. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have some professional help, but where do you find that in Golden, BC you might ask? Well, ask one of the racers from the past, like Randy or Jason Tress.

Probably the first question to ask yourself is whether or not you are going to race your mower in the stock or the modified competition. If you and your neighbour are already racing your lawn tractors to see who can finish your lawns first then you may just want to stick to the stock category but if you are a “mowtivated” individual a few of the rules are: brakes must provide adequate stopping; steering must be functional and have minimal play; must be lawn tractor chassis and body and resemble a lawn tractor; no suspension travel other than from factory: must be lawn tractor type engine (4 stroke) no horse power size restrictions; governors can be altered or removed; must have functional kill switch ( tether or seat style).

For a complete copy of  the rules for stock or modified entries, drop by the Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire booth at the Healthy Lawn and Garden Show on May 26. Copies of the rules can also be picked up at Lordco, Napa Auto Parts or the Golden Museum.