Ladies Lunch Break donates to groups in Golden

Ladies Lunch Break donates to groups in Golden

The Ladies Lunch Break has been meeting twice a month for more than 30 years to meet, mingle, and raise money for local causes.

The group of women meeting for lunch ranges from a dozen to nearly double that, and is a good way to network, meet new people, and enjoy local cuisine at various restaurants in town.

“When we started up, we were all working pretty much, so we wanted something where you didn’t come back from a meeting with 10 things to do, like if you belong to certain groups, and most of us belonged to a group, plus working, and having families,” explained Linda Adama. “That’s why we sort of chose just a friendly lunch group.”

Each meeting, a different member will be in charge of organizing and hosting the lunch, which happens on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.

This fall, the Ladies Lunch Break donated funds to Abbeyfield House Society and Purcell View Apartments. Each year, they also make donations to the legion poppy fund.

“We charge a little extra for our lunch so that we end up with extra funds that we donate to whatever worthy cause we see in town at the moment,” Kaye Jankovic said.

In the past, the lunch group has also donated patio furniture for Durand Manor, and funds to the Golden Museum, the hospital, and many other places in Golden.

Some of the members, like Adama, have been a part of the group for a long time. Adama was one of the founding members when the group started up in the mid ’80s. The Ladies Lunch group started up when some wives of Rotary members, which was then a male-only group, decided to get together and form a casual club in town.

“Some of us have been there a long time. Some come and go, we see some new faces,” Adama said.

Many of the members are retired, and the lunch serves as a nice way to get out and socialize, Adama said. Some members of the group are working, and find it fun to get together to socialize and network with other women in the community.

“It’s a good way to network, too. If you’re a business person and you want to be known or you want these ladies to know you so that maybe they will do some business with you, it’s a good thing to do,” Jankovic said.