Pictured above is Katie Mitzel

Pictured above is Katie Mitzel

Kitchen secrets from Skoki Lodge revealed in new cookbook

The food at the Skoki Lodge has been bringing people to the backcountry for many years.

The food at the Skoki Lodge has been bringing people to the backcountry for many years. Now the head chef and co-owner of the lodge, Katie Mitzel, has put together a cookbook that shares some of her most well known recipes with food lovers everywhere.

The Skoki Cookbook: Trailblazing Through History and Culinary Delights is a work that has taken almost five years to put together.

“The idea for the cookbook came from our guests because they were very determined to get my recipes. I decided after being there for 15 years that I would agree with them,” said Mitzel.

The lodge was built in 1930 and has been a haven for backcountry enthusiasts for years.

When Mitzel took over the kitchen at the lodge she was determined to bring something special to a trip to the backcountry.

“For me cooking is an evolution and artistic outlet. I followed a creative writing career and when you read the cookbook you will see that present,” she said. “There is quite a bit of humour and exciting cooking methods that I use. I like to call it backcountry gourmet. It is eclectic and fun. I like to use massive flavours with a really punchy taste. I like to mix things together that people wouldn’t normally see.”

Since the book has been on the shelves Mitzel has been pleased with how people have enjoyed it.

“It has been a great joy to see the response which has been very big. It is exciting to see the pictures and memories that they get to share over and over again.”

Mitzel said she has had the chance to learn from great chefs over the years and has taken this experience into her own kitchen.

“I have taken lots of experiences that I have taken from other chefs and combined their interest in other things. You learn a lot from watching other people. I really think people deserve to enjoy what they are eating,” she said.

People who come to the lodge have said they enjoy many of the meat dishes that Mitzel has created.

Since opening the doors Mitzel has served for many different people including two members of the British Royal Family.

“We hosted at the lodge for The Royal Highness Prince William and Kate in July of 2011. It was a wonderful experience. I felt quite honoured and it was the highlight of my cooking career.”

Mitzel said it was wonderful to have the support she received from friends who helped put the book together.

“I am glad that people are enjoying it and I am looking forward to sharing it with Golden.

The book can be purchased in Golden at Bacchus Books and Café.