Kimberley resident running as an Independent

After the dramatic defeat of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government on March 25th, Kimberley resident Brent Bush announced his intention to run as an Independent candidate for Kootenay-Columbia.

“I’m running as an Independent because our Party based political system is failing to represent the people it claims to serve. It’s all about political games and posturing now”, Bush said.

“Canadian voters are clearly fed up with what’s going on in Ottawa”, he added.

Bush brings a wealth of political experience to this campaign, having run as the federal NDP candidate for Kootenay-Columbia in 2004 and 2006. He placed a strong second both times to the Conservative incumbent. Bush has a degree in political science and has studied national and international politics for 30 years.

“My campaign has two themes, the first one is political accountability. I want to know why the local Conservative campaign participated in the “in and out” financing scheme during the 2006 election and why Mr. Abbott’s Official Agent failed to appear before a Parliamentary Ethics Committee in 2008.  The Conservative Party’s contempt for Parliamentary institutions runs deep”, Bush stated.

“I also want to know why Stephen Harper forced every Conservative MP to vote in favour of the HST for B.C. (Bill C-62). How could our Conservative MP vote for the HST without even asking his constituents if they wanted the new tax?”

“My second theme is about bringing forward a positive vision for Kootenay-Columbia.  My vision is to protect Canada’s fresh water resources by re-negotiating the Columbia River Treaty with the United States. Formal notice to re-negotiate can be given on Sept. 16th, 2014. Modernizing the 50 year old Treaty to prepare for climate change and our own fresh water needs is critical”, Bush said.

“Extensive consultation and dialogue must be part of the process”, he added.

Bush said he is looking forward to talking to the constituents of the Riding about what matters most to them. Above all, as an Independent candidate Brent Bush offers effective representation without the Party politics and games.

“It’s time to send an Independent voice to Ottawa to shake things up”, Bush concluded.

For further information please contact Brent at 250-427-5586 (H) or 250-908-0079 (C) or