Kiki & Curly come to town

Kiki & Curly

Kiki & Curly

What do you get when you cross a singing, dancing Eco Elf and a juggling, flamboyant magician? No, it is not a new installment of Lord of the Rings. In fact, what you do get is an entertaining afternoon of music, storytelling, magic, and huge smiles.

On March 30th Kiki (the Eco Elf) and Curly (the magician) held a Magical Mystery Tour at the Rec Plex. Over 50 locals, children and parents alike, found their way to the entertainment for the afternoon of fun during Spring Break.

Under the “big top” of the Rec Plex, Kiki and Curly brought their unique brand of environmental sing-alongs, humourous magic, and interesting dance moves to the gleeful crowd.

The audience appeared fixated on their every move, listening intently to the positive messages that the duo was purveying. All in all, it was a wondrous afternoon, enjoyed by all.