Kevin, Penticton’s broken-wing goose predicts early spring

Kevin did not see his shadow on Groundhog Day

Kevin, Penticton’s most famous Canada goose didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day, predicting an early spring in the Peach City.

The broken-wing Canada goose was then rewarded for all his work taking on his new role as weather-bird.

So if Kevin is correct, we can expect spring-like temperatures for the next six weeks. Can’t you feel it in the -3 C air?!

Because the Okanagan doesn’t have a groundhog, the Penticton Western News decided Kevin would make a great ambassador for Groundhog Day.

While the rest of the geese hissed at this reporter’s presence, Kevin was quick to run up and greet his human friend and have his picture taken. Kevin has quite the history in Penticton, becoming well-known by locals and tourists alike for his friendly and gentle demeanour.

Some even tried to rescue him from our harsh winter, trying to capture him in a blanket and cage and others by boat. But Kevin has other plans and wanted to stay on the shores of Okanagan Lake where he remains to this day.

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While Kevin predicted early spring in the Okanagan, other parts of Canada didn’t fair as well.

From Nova Scotia’s lobster and the rest of the provinces’ groundhogs, only one other town predicted an early spring.

Ontario’s Wiarton Willie claimed an early spring, coming out of his nest of shavings with no shadow on Feb. 2.

Nova Scotia’s lobster and Quebec and Alberta’s groundhogs all saw their shadows predicting six more weeks of winter.

Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog emerged from his burrow on a very chilly Wednesday morning and saw his shadow, declaring six more weeks of winter.

Folklore that spans more than a century says that if a groundhog sees its shadow on a clear day on Feb. 2, it will retreat into its burrow, heralding six more weeks of winter-like weather. If the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow it indicates an early arrival of spring-like temperatures.

Let’s hope Kevin is right.

Once Kevin was finished predicting the weather, tourists fed Kevin and all his friends.

Kevin being rewarded after predicting an early spring on Groundhog Day. (Monique Tamminga Western News)

Kevin being rewarded after predicting an early spring on Groundhog Day. (Monique Tamminga Western News)

The couple were unaware of Kevin’s celebrity status but will now have a story to tell from their travels.

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