Hosting international students brings great rewards

The ups and more ups of hosting an international student

Shauna Robinson

Shauna Robinson

The fall will once again allow Goldenites to learn about the rest of the world.

With the chance to host an international student, families can receive a first hand look at how other cultures live.

Shauna Robinson, who has been hosting international students for seven years, says it is a program that has never stopped teaching her.

“I originally started doing it so my daughters would have an opportunity to meet different and diverse young adults. I’ve continued hosting, because my house wouldn’t be the same without international students,” Robinson explained.

Robinson says she has had the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing individuals from all over the world including South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Germany, Japan and Spain.

“My girls love it, they have so many international sisters that care for them, why wouldn’t they like it!”

Robinson said that she is still in contact with all of her international students with the exception of one from a township in Africa where international communication is not easy. Many of her students have come to visit after their initial stay in Canada.

“We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our student from last year.”

Currently, Robinson’s international student is Eva from Germany.

“She only has two weeks left with us and I can predict a whole lot of tears. We may try to lose her passport. I mean… what?”

Robinson’s positive experiences are much like many of the families who have taken an international student.

“You become more a part of the community and the world when you have an international student. And they really become part of your family.”

If you would like to host an international student next year, phone Monica De immediately at 250-272-6694.