Pictured are Golden Museum staff members Christopher Brown

Pictured are Golden Museum staff members Christopher Brown

Golden Museum gets some help for the summer months

Summer staff at the Golden Museum are getting ready for a busy season.

The Golden Museum will have a few new faces working at the facility over the summer to help people learn more about Golden and the surrounding area.

Christopher Brown is the Special Events Co-ordinator while Brittany Newman is back for a third summer working as the assistant co-ordinator.

Both workers explained why they felt this job would be a great way to spend their summer.

“I thought it would be an interesting job where I could do something different everyday. I also thought I could learn things about Golden that I did not know,” said Brown.

“I enjoyed it so much last year so I decided I wanted to come back because there is always something new to do,” said Newman.

Brown will spend part of  summer working at the Farmers’ Markets where he will get the chance to meet people and answer questions about Golden. He will also be working on events like Canada Day and the Fall Faire and spending some time at the Wixon House as well.

“It will be nice to meet people who I haven’t met here. People who come to the museum or come to the markets as well. It will be fun,” he said.

As for Newman she is working closely with Executive Director of The Golden Museum Colleen Palumbo to do a variety of work at the facility.

“I am very excited to have them here. It is wonderful to have Brittany here again and over the years she has helped me out many times. It is also nice to have Chris here. It is nice to be able to offer the positions to people from here,” Palumbo said.

Both workers are looking forward to learning more about the history in the area and having the chance to share what they learn with both local people and those who visit the area.

“People should come by the area because there is so much more to Golden than they realize,” said Brown.