Golden Mosquito Control Program is now underway

Mosquito Control Technician talks about effective mosquito control.

John Jackson

Mosquito Control Technician

The 2012 Town of Golden Mosquito Control Program is now underway.

Mosquitoes go through four distinct stages of development during their life: egg, larvae, pupa and adult. Eggs are laid on the surface of standing water or on soil that is prone to flooding. Eggs of some species can remain dormant for many years before hatching. When in contact with water during the spring and summer, the eggs hatch as larvae, which feed on plant material and quickly develop into pupae. The pupae then mature into adult mosquitoes, which emerge from the surface of the water. Following mating, adult females search for a blood meal to complete egg development.

Rainfall, snow melt, and rising river heights in the spring and summer result in the flooding of many low lying areas which can serve as mosquito development sites. Site monitoring by the Mosquito Control Contractor’s staff is conducted on a continuous basis throughout the late spring and summer to determine the species, number, and level of maturity of mosquito larvae present during this period.

Morrow BioScience Ltd. will undertake biological control efforts directed at the mosquitoes in the larval stage. This is achieved by identifying and monitoring sites where mosquito larvae are present and applying a granular mosquito larvicide, Aquabac 200G. This larvicide contains a naturally occurring bacterium (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis) known as Bti, which targets mosquito larvae but does not harm birds, mammals, beneficial insects or amphibians. This product is registered for this use in Canada. Larvicide applications are made by hand, blower, or helicopter.

Effective mosquito control must combine the efforts of individual Land / Home Owners with those of a competent Mosquito Control Contractor in seeking to eliminate mosquitoes before they emerge as adults.

Where possible, Home / Land Owners should try to eliminate areas where water can collect such as clogged gutters, old tires, discarded containers, wheelbarrows, trays under flower pots, stored boats & canoes, etc., as these all serve as ideal habitat for mosquito development. Further, residents should drain and refill display ponds, wading pools, bird baths, outside pet dishes, and livestock troughs frequently.

Individuals may protect themselves from adult mosquito annoyance by putting a barrier between them and those mosquitoes. Ensure good screens are in place on all windows and doors, limit outdoor activity during dusk & dawn, wear light-coloured long pants & shirts which are loose-fitting. If more protection is desired, wear an approved repellent. Look for repellents that have a PCP number on the label as this means that the product has been tested for efficacy and safety (when used according to the directions on the label).

Residents are encouraged to call the local Morrow BioScience Ltd. Mosquito Hotline to report potential mosquito development sites or for more information regarding the Mosquito Control Program.