Golden Moments: Passion found on the field of dreams

Tom Stanton has been involved with the Golden Sports scene since moving to the town many years ago.

Tom Stanton has worked hard over the years to help athletes improve in Golden.

Tom Stanton has worked hard over the years to help athletes improve in Golden.

It has been a lifetime spent playing, watching and talking about the sports that he loves for Golden resident Tom Stanton.

Stanton grew up in a large family, having eight brothers and sisters.

“The girls were all in sports and and the boys as well. We had our own ball team,” Stanton said laughing. “We played volleyball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, rugby and soccer. It just came naturally, you never really thought about it.”

This type of passion for sports may have come from his father Kenny, who had invites to try out with National Hockey League teams

“He never went. Back in those days people didn’t go because they could make more money working other jobs rather than going to the NHL,” he said.

Stanton played five years in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League for the Rossland Warriors. It was during this time he had the chance to play on a line with his brothers, John and Gary.

Shortly after this he and his wife Daisy moved to Golden

“When I came up here it was all about the people. The scenery is amazing. There is no doubt about it because we still have not got over it,” he said. “When I came to Golden and started playing with the seniors I saw how many good players there were in this town. It was a gas.”

Originally he was going to come to Golden for a year and work at the mill.

“You get to meet more people and then it becomes more like home,” he said.

Stanton got back into hockey in Golden and played the last year of the Golden Rockets senior hockey league.

Stanton also spent time doing write ups for the Rockets junior team for the local newspapers. This turned into something Stanton would do for the next 20 years.

Over the years he has held almost every position with the team but now is mostly known as one of the two voices of The Golden Rockets.

“Time just flies. Something just clicks. To me, Gino (Palumbo) is the best play-by-play man in the league. I enjoy listening to him. We just get along,” he said. “It has been, and still is fun.”

Stanton has also enjoyed watching this year’s team perform so well.

“It has been great this year. The skill has always been there with this team but the mental part has been lacking at times,” he said. “You really like to see the young kids go to the next level. We do it for the family and friends and players. We love the game.”

Over the years, sports in Golden has changed according to Stanton

“Slow and fast pitch was huge in this town in the late ‘70s. There were tournaments all the time. We did a lot of that,” he said. “The hardcore sports have been toned down a little bit in the Town of Golden. There used to be so many fastball and curling teams in the area.”

As for Golden, Stanton said there is no place he would rather be.

“This is an exceptional small town in Canada. The people are so close knit from the youngest to the oldest. Everyone greets everyone the same. You can talk to anyone and you know everybody,” he said.