Golden Food Bank Observes World Food Day

World Food Day has been around since 1981 in an attempt to ncrease awareness and informed year-round action to alleviate hunger.

Judith Hardcastle


World Food Day is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed year-round action to alleviate hunger. Since 1981, World Food Day has been a story of concern and action at all levels in communities around the world. For 65 years the Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the UN has been at work wherever its skills have been needed, and for 30 years the citizens of the world have been joining forces with FAO through the annual worldwide observance of World Food Day, on October 16, to focus on FAO’s efforts and to add their own impact in a myriad of ways. BC Food Banks, including the Golden Food Bank, want to raise awareness of hunger in their own backyards on World Food Day.

The tragedy is one billion people worldwide suffer from chronic hunger when there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. Hunger is not confined to third world countries; it is a fact of life in every Canadian city and town, including ours.

The Golden Food Bank depends on grants and your financial donations to meet its goal to operate the food bank effectively. Its long term goal is to develop partnerships that assist them in mitigating poverty in Golden while operating in a sustainable manner.

In January the Board initiated the business challenge, a campaign that encourages businesses to commit funds to the Golden Food Bank on a monthly basis. St. Andrew’s United Church and Centre for Peace was its first supporter, pledging $100 each month in 2011 for an annual contribution to the Golden Food Bank of $1,200. Members of the congregation also provide weekly donations of food.  “If more businesses and faith communities donated money and food to the Food Bank every month,” says Christine Watson, Golden Food Bank Assistant, “we would be able to operate without worrying how to meet our annual budget and think more about how we can alleviate hunger in Golden.”

There are three key ways you can help the Golden Food Bank Society. The first is to make a monthly financial donation so that the food bank can operate strategically and purchase foods such as meat, milk and eggs that are always in short supply. The second way is to volunteer at the Golden Food Bank, unpacking and shelving food and participating in special Food Bank events.

The third way is to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board currently has three vacancies and is looking for new Board members who care about providing food to the hungry in Golden. Please call the Golden Food Bank at 250-344-2113 for more information about how you can become involved.