Golden Food Bank Builds a Long-term Vision

The following is an update about the future of the Golden Food Bank.

Barb Davies

Co-ordinator, Golden Food Bank

The Golden Food Bank held a strategic planning session in November 2011.

This much needed planning session will shape the direction of the Golden Food Bank in 2012 and the future. The last time a Strategic Planning session was held was in 2008.

The Food Bank was in need of a more up to date vision and direction.

This was a timely endeavour for the Golden Food Bank as it falls in line with the recent publication of the Golden and Area A’s Vital Signs 2011 report highlighting priorities in the Golden community.

In the fall of 2011 a survey was sent out to clients, volunteers and the Board of Directors to gain feedback on current services at the Golden Food Bank.

Partners in the community and stakeholders were invited to participate in the Strategic Planning session held Nov. 26, 2011 at St. Andrew’s United Church and Centre for Peace.

In attendance was the Board of Directors and staff from the Golden Food Bank as well as representatives from the Golden Family Centre, Golden Community Foundation and Golden Community Resources Society.

The strategic planning session was facilitated by Andrew Jarrett of the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-operative.

As a result a more up to date mission and core purposes were outlined.


“The Golden Food Bank nourishes our community by providing food solutions for those in need, in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, and collaborates with community partners to work towards food security.”

Core purposes are to: Operate a food bank that effectively and equitably distributes food and other items to our clients, operate in a sustainable manner with emphasis on long-term financial stability, educate and build our clients’ skills to make full use of their own and community resources to feed themselves and their families, engage our community and collaborate with our partners to assist people in need of food in the community of Golden, create awareness of food security issues to our stakeholders and the public, and develop programs within the context of food security that build community capacity.

The board and staff were able to outline key objectives in line with the updated mission and core purposes that will give direction for 2012.

These include focusing on guidelines to improve the nutritional value of Food Bank hampers, reviewing client screening, securing sustainable funding for Food Bank operations, exploring the community’s role in increasing food security, continuing to develop partnerships in the community, and clarifying the role and responsibilities of the board and the staff at the Golden Food Bank.

The Golden Food Bank gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Columbia Basin Trust that made the strategic planning possible.