Golden family prepares for a fun time on Family Day

Family Day has finally come to British Columbia and the Archibald family is looking forward to a fun day.

Family Day has finally come to British Columbia and the Archibald family is looking forward to a fun day.

Mike, Karen, Madeline (age 12), Adam (nine) and Geoffrey (seven) are excited to have a day to spend together.

“I think it is great. I think it is one of the best things that they have ever done,” Mike said. “With the emphasis on family and spending time with your children on that day.  It is rare that people have a day where they get to just hang out with their kids.”

He added that quite often on days off people end up having to do other things so having the day is very special.

The family will most likely end up skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort on Family Day this year.

“We have a ski pass we are trying to work off, and we haven’t had a lot of opportunities the past couple of weeks, so we will take one day of the weekend to go,” Mike said.

He said he thinks it was a good idea to have the day one week before the Family Day in Alberta so that places like the ski hill will not be over crowded on one weekend.

All of the children in the family are now skiers with Geoffrey now taking lessons this year.

“I don’t ski downhill but I do cross country,” Karen said. “They have been skiing together.”

The children did point out that if their mother would like to make cookies while they were skiing they would be very happy.

Mike admitted that both Madeline and Adam are now faster than him on the slopes, even though he maybe letting them beat him. (This fact was not correct according to Madeline.)

The Archibald family also shared some of their views on challenges that face families in a very busy world.

“As a teacher I often have not had the opportunity to go on my children’s field trips because when they are in school I am in school as well. This year has been different because of my new job. I have been able to do this with them, and that has been great,” Mike said. “Parents are so busy, especially with two people trying to work, but it is hard to make ends meet. I understand why parents with two incomes have a hard time finding the time to spend with the kids because they  are working.”

“We generally try and do things with the kids that are no cost as a family,” Karen said. “You can go to the Snow King Festival and do things like that as a family. We often go for bike rides and have dinner together as a family, which is unusual this day and age.”

The children shared some of the things they enjoy.

“I just got a new bike for Christmas so I am hoping when we go on bike trips I will be able to use it,” Adam said.

Madeline said she enjoys the fact that her parents do their best to come and watch them when they are taking part in activities.

“When they come and watch us at tournaments. They sit on the hard benches or wet grass for soccer or basketball, it means a lot,” Madeline said.

Geoffrey said he likes it when the family goes swimming together at the town pool.

The family also said they enjoy the outdoor ice rinks in Golden.

“It is a great opportunity for us to just walk over there and, because the one near our house is lit up at night, we can use them,” Mike said.

“I can put on my goalie stuff and just walk over there and let Madeline takes shots at me,” Adam added.

Mike wanted to bring up a point he recently read in a book about parenting.

“The most important thing you can do with your kids is spend time with them, because when kids get older, that’s what they will look back upon. It is not what you buy them or how much money you spend on them. It is how much time you spend with them,” he said.