Golden businesses help non profits with procurement

Golden and Area A's non profit and charity organizations have always depended on help from local volunteers, donors and grants.

Golden Community Resources Society


Golden and Area A’s non profit and charity organizations have always depended on help from local volunteers, donors and grants. And now, they can get some help while simply doing business locally.

Local non profits spend much of their limited budgets on printing for posters, registration and other stationary supplies.

Stephen Dykes at DJ’s Paper Place understands this reality and offers reduced rates for local non-profit groups.

“Non profits can request and receive 15 per cent off on account purchases. And the more they spend on account, they more they will save,” said Dykes.

DJ’s goes further with special requests. “We will do sponsorship too, so come in and let us know what help you need.”

However, the local co-operation and collaboration does not end with office supplies and photocopying. The other new non-profit efficiency can be realized when local groups host guest speakers, meetings, and workshops here in Kicking Horse Country.

Non-profit staff and volunteers are often called out of town for small peer meetings and workshops with experts travelling through the Columbia Basin on speaking tours. Many of those meetings have been out of town, resulting in local non profits and their volunteers spending dollars outside of Kicking Horse Country.

Now, through the offering of a “local non profit rate,” local accommodators are helping stretch our community groups’ dollars further. The new rates encourage groups to bring in specialized non-profit trainers, host meetings, roundtables and events. In the long term, these non profit groups can also support tourism.

Connie Barlow, executive director of Golden Community Resources Society and the project sponsor, trusts that working with Tourism Golden to encourage other accommodator participation is the most efficient way to go about creating “local non profit accommodation rate.”

Barlow clarifies, “We know groups are bringing in experts and the hosting organization covers their travel expenses. By saving money on accommodation, these groups will have more left over to fulfill their mission right here.”

So far four hotels, from downtown Golden to the Trans Canada Highway Frontage and even up at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, have offered between 30 and 50 per cent off their regular room rates (depending on availability and group size) and Rachel Wilde of Tourism Golden expects more will come forward.

Whether local groups are hosting one guest speaker or a whole group for a workshop, the benefits of this new rate are real and meaningful to our local groups. If you have an upcoming non profit event, contact Tourism Golden for an up-to-date list of local non profit rate accommodators.