Golden artist using her creative gift to help the food bank

No need to feel guilty buying the artist's work, because half of all the proceeds will go to the Golden Food Bank this Christmas season.

There’s no need to feel guilty buying the artist’s work, because half of all the proceeds of her sales will go to the Golden Food Bank this Christmas season.

Sarah Osadetz, artist and graphic designer, has a collection of paintings hanging on the walls of Jita’s Cafe on 11th Avenue South. Fifty per cent of everything sold will be donated.

“I wanted to have them (her paintings) up, and there were empty walls (at Jita’s) so I just jumped on the opportunity and came up with the idea of fundraising for the food bank,” said Osadetz.

The collection has been up for two weeks, and they have already raised $270 for the Golden Food Bank.

“This is a win/win. You get to purchase art, either to keep or to gift it, and you’re also having a positive social impact. That was more important to me than hanging onto the art,” said Osadetz. “It gives more meaning to a person’s purchase.”

Born with creativity in her blood, Ozadetz started out small when she was young, and grew into the artist she is today. It wasn’t until 13 years ago when she moved to Golden that she really started to get into painting.

“I always sketched as a kid, and this was just another fun way to be creative,” she said.

“My roommate’s girlfriend at the time inspired me with the work she was doing, so I started to experiment and just kept practicing my skills and evolving them.”

At first, most of Ozadetz’s paintings were abstract images from her imagination. As she got into the art form more and more, she started experimenting with techniques and styles. Now she tends to dabble back and forth between abstract paintings, and ones that are more based in reality.

“I experiment with a lot of different styles,” said Osadetz, pointing around the Cafe at more than 20 of her paintings that look like they were created by a dozen different artists. “So my pieces tend to look pretty different from each other.”

The collection at Jita’s is a combination of old and new works of art. Some were even taken down off of her own walls in her home to put on display.

“Sometimes I can make something that sells the very next day. And then sometimes it’s years. I guess the expression just has to match the person,” said Osadetz. “This was a good way for me to showcase some of my work, and find new homes for some of the pieces.”

She is also playing with the idea of making this an annual event in the future, featuring the art of several local artists in support of the Food Bank.

Osadetz’s paintings will be hanging at Jita’s Cafe until the end of the Christmas season. Tax deductible receipts are available with purchases.