Girl Guides in Golden are set to pitch in

The local Girl Guides are set to Pitch-In on the 45th anniversary of the nationwide event.

The Girl Guides of Golden are participating in the nationwide Pitch-In Week, a project that aims to improve communities and their environment.

Established in 1967, this is the 45th anniversary for Pitch-In Canada.

The local chapter of Girl Guides, including Sparks, Brownies and Pathfinders, have decided to pick up garbage along the river and the Pedestrian Bridge as their contribution to the project and the community.

“When this project got started in 1967 there were only six volunteers, and now there’s millions of volunteers,” said Beate Sutter.

“This is my third year in Guiding, and this is the first year we’ve participated with Pitch-In Canada.”

The group received special garbage bags for the clean-up, and went out to clean up Golden on Tuesday April 24 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

The Girl Guides is a group that has fluctuated in Golden over the years says Sutter.

“Right now we have 25 members, and five leaders in our group. It’s going up and down. One year we had over 60,” she said.

Originally from Germany, Sutter never participated in Guides as a young girl, but is very proud to be part of the Girl Guides of Canada now, as a leader.

And her three daughters are involved with the organization as well.

“I love it, being involved with the group. And I run a daycare anyway, so I love kids,” she said. “And the girls really enjoy the program.”

Sutter is very pleased with the message that Guides teaches young girls, and thinks that it fits in perfectly with Pitch-In Canada.

“They want to teach the kids to keep our environment clean, reduce, reuse, recycle,” she said.

“In our promise, it says I will take care of the world around me. So we want to try to keep our environment clean, and do different things.”

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