Get help starting your own business

A mini-conference, hosted by the Golden Women’s Resource Centre, which uses local expertise to explore the ins and outs of starting your own business will take place next Wednesday, March 16th.

Let’s get down to business is a day of workshops and presentations geared towards women who are interested in starting, or already in the early stages of developing, their own business. The mini-conference is part of the third phase of GWRC’s Financial Literacy Project and is the first of three activities that are geared to help women who want to be entrepreneurs.

Laurie Dalzell, the Financial Literacy Co-ordinator for GWRC, says the event is all about two things: inspiration and information.

“The event will encompass all the questions you need to ask yourself when you are looking into starting a business,” she said.

Dalzell believes that the most important question to ask yourself is: is this business going to fly in Golden?

“You might be really good at whatever you’re doing, and all your friends tell you that you should start a business, but until you know it’s feasible nothing else matters.”

This event, continued Dalzell, will give women the tools, resources and contacts to do that.

Let’s get down to business  will start at 10 am with a welcome from Dalzell, Dee Conklin and Heather Martin, Manager of Skills Development at Nelson’s Women’s Enterprise Centre. This will be followed by information delivered by the Women’s Enterprise Centre and local business experts on the high level of knowledge you  need to start a business. Next, the Women’s Enterprise Centre will deliver what might be the most important workshop of the day – an interactive workshop on market research and feasibility studies. “Market research and a feasibility study are very important, one shouldn’t spend a penny to start a business before considering these two aspects,” said Dalzell, referring to this type of research.

After lunch, participants will be able to participate in a panel discussion featuring local women entrepreneurs discussing their transition to self-employment and their journey to achieving business success. Afternoon will also include a brainstorming session on what kind of businesses would be possible and beneficial in our community, an opportunity for participants to break into smaller groups for specific guidance and finally draw prizes and an inspirational closing talk that will explain GWRC’s upcoming multi-week course centered around starting a business.

Event organizers Dalzell and Sarah Wegelin want to stress that any women interested in starting a business, even if you don’t have a specific idea, is welcome to participate in the mini-conference.

“I think the outcome will be positive for anyone who participates,” said Wegelin. “It’s about inspiration, information and getting connected with the people that can help you.

The event is organized by GWRC in collaboration with the Kicking Horse Chamber of Commerce, Golden Area Initiatives, the College of the Rockies, the Golden Star, the Golden Employment Centre, the Women’s Enterprise Centre and funded in part by the Status of Women in Canada.

The conference fee is $15 and includes lunch and resource pack. To register please contact Dalzell or Wegelin at 250-344-5317 or on Facebook.