Garden put to rest for the winter

Saying thanks to local volunteer.

Jessica Schwitek

Volunteers of the Golden Food Bank got together on Wednesday to say thank you to Diana Taufer for her hard work over the summer in maintaining the community garden.

Since April Taufer has been putting in 20 hours a week in the garden, growing fresh food to hand out to people who need it at the food bank.

“All the produce goes to the food bank. This year we grew 391 pounds of fresh produce,” said Taufer. “It’s been a really good year.”

There were concerns early on due to the heavy rain fall in the spring, but Taufer is very pleased with the results. On top of maintaining the garden, Taufer also taught four seminars throughout the season teaching people how to garden and produce food for themselves including sheet mulching, vermiculture and composting, tree health and seed saving.

Taufer has a completed a permiculture certificate. as well as a master organic gardening course taught on Vancouver Island.

“I definitely don’t consider myself a master though,” she said. “Maybe a master in training.”

Taufer, who worked for more than three years at the food bank, has been very happy to give those who need it, some healthy and fresh food, and hopes they have been enjoying it. But she insists that this was not a solo effort.

“I would really like to thank the Town of Golden. They actually own the land the garden is on. And with them, the Golden and District Historical Society, we’ve made a really good partnership over the last couple of years.”