GADSAR invites community out for a BBQ

The local Golden and District Search and Rescue is having a party.

Come one, come all to a special day at the Golden and District Search and Rescue group is holding an open house at the group’s new Search and Rescue facility.

The event will take place on Saturday,   June 23 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

It will give residents a chance to drop by for a tour of the new facility and equipment while there will also be a  barbecue and refreshments and a live helicopter sling rescue(HETS) demonstration.

“This is not necessarily an annual event. Although we do try and hold a barbecue/recruitment drive once a year,” said President of GADSAR, Shauna Speers.

“We are holding the open house to pay tribute to all the contributors and supporters we have had in our bid to purchase the facility and upgrade it. This will be our first public event since moving into the facility last year.”

Speers went on and said the open house will give the public an opportunity to come view the new facility, check out our equipment, interact with the volunteers and view a HETS demonstration (heli long lining).

“The majority of our membership should be in attendance. Hopefully the public will learn a little more about what GADSAR does and how we are set up,” Speers added.