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Foundation celebrates 10th anniversary

Golden & District Community Foundation celebrates ten years.

Ryan Watmough,

Executive Director Golden & District Community Foundation

Ten years later and the Golden & District Community Foundation (GDCF) is as strong as ever.

More than fifty residents attended the Rock Water Grill & Bar Wednesday to learn and celebrate where the Community Foundation had come from and where it was going.

Starting with the past, the GDCF Chairperson Nola Milum, Jeff Dolinsky and Jon Wilsgard presented a tour of organization’s first 10 years. From a steering committee, the GDCF has grown 21 endowment funds over the last decade amassing approximately $1.3M in permanent assets.

Then, the Vital Signs Steering Committee shared their findings from the Golden & Area A Report. According to the over 300 residents that completed the survey, the Economy, Work and Housing are the community’s priority issue areas. Judy Brook, Monica De, Sara Nichols, Joyce deBoer, Nola Milum, Denise English and Ryan Watmough explained how, from the findings of their research, Golden & Area A was doing with respect to all 12 issue areas.

Finally, Ryan Watmough, GDCF Executive Director, described how lessons and knowledge from the Vital Signs Report has been integrated into the 2011 Community Grants Program. Applications for the Community Grant Program, Whitetooth Affordable Ski Program and the Mike McKnight Ski Industry Award Fund are available now and due at 12:00pm noon Friday October 21, 2011.

Throughout breaks in the evening, guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres from the Rock Water Grill & Bar and mingled with Vital Signs Volunteers and GDCF Directors. While admission was free, by the end over $7,000 was raised through donations.

Like any good party, the evening finished with a game. Everyone was encouraged to play a variation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, which allowed participants to stick $15,000 in GDCF ‘play’ money on the 12 Issue Areas measured in the Vital Signs Report. Through the game, many projects were suggested, perspectives were shared and, in the end, the whole community won.

About the Golden & District Community Foundation The Golden & District Community Foundation’s mission is to attract and effectively grow permanent funds; provide leadership and administration that helps in addressing significant community needs; and help donors fulfill their philanthropic interests.

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