Folk Thief set to play at the Rockwater

Musicians come to town

Rockwater will be experiencing a different vibe on August 7. Folk Thief will be coming to Golden to play at 9 p.m.

“I would describe my sound as indie/folk/pop. I’ve been told that people enjoy my music because at a glance the songs are catchy and pleasant to the ear but the lyrics go deeper than the surface and leave you with something to ponder over repeated listens,” Dave Hadgkiss said.

Born and raised in Kamloops, the musician moved to Vancouver in 2000 where he continued his love for music.

“I love playing music live and the feeling I get when someone says that they really connected with something I wrote. As long as there are people who want to hear new music, I will be writing and playing.”

Hadgkiss began to master his musical talent at the age of fourteen. “A neighbour left a guitar at my house for a few days and I was compelled to make music on it. It just felt right.”

Hadgkiss is currently touring to promote his critically-acclaimed debut album titled Love, Heartache and Oblivion. He explained that the inspiration for the title of his album came after he realized that “these themes are universal and important to our understanding of each other and ourselves.”

This will be Folk Thief’s first show in Golden and his first tour through Western Canada. His music, which has been recognized by publications such as Exclaim and Penguin Eggs, has also been featured in the top ten Canadian folk/roots/blues charts.

“But I still feel my greatest accomplishment is when a girl told me that my song ‘From Beautiful to Damned’ had become her song to listen to while she dealt with the death of her mother. That I had written something that helped someone deal with feelings of mourning and loss meant more to me than any review or chart.”

Folk Thief has been rising in the Canadian music scene quickly and after listening to a few of his songs there is no question as to why. His debut album promises to deliver and it is a promise unbroken.

Visit the Rockwater at 9 p.m. on August 7 to listen to Folk Thief play and promote his debut album Love, Heartbreak and Oblivion.