Debbie Kepke

Debbie Kepke

Flowers from home on Valentine’s Day

Flowers From Home is ready to serve anyone in the need for flowers all year long.

There may be several feet of snow piled up outside, but the flowers are certainly in bloom at Flowers From Home. Valentine’s Day is next week, and Debbie Kepke, owner of Flowers From Home, is busy putting together arrangements for the occasion.

“For Valentines there will be lots of roses, not only roses, just lots of flowers,” said Kepke. “We have these great orchids right now. I got a really good deal, so they’re $33 a stem, and if you were in Calgary right now you’d be paying about $98 a stem. And they’re absolutely beautiful. There are so many flowers on these stems, it’s amazing. And they will last a good month.”

Flowers From Home also carries all kinds of Valentine’s gift wear. They have stuffed animals, chocolates, and chocolate roses.

If you pre-order an arrangement by Friday (Feb. 10), there will be a 10 per cent discount. But there will be plenty of bouquets and arrangements in the shop up until Valentine’s Day as well.

“The shop will be full of arrangements, and the cooler will be full of bouquets. So we have a lot of guys coming in saying ‘I need something, I forgot, I forgot my mother, help.’ So we do get quite a few people in on the actual day, which is nice,” said Kepke.

The shop has quite a few regulars who come in every year, buying something for their special someone.

“Roses are always popular, a lot of guys will go for the roses. But really, when I have arrangements done up, and I will have, those go pretty fast,” she said.

“And the cooler will be absolutely gorgeous next week with all the roses, the different coloured roses.”

Flowers From Home is the only specialty flower shop in Golden. It is located at 962 Jacob Road in Nicholson, just follow the signs. If you would like to place an order you can call 344-5855.