Farewell to Golden’s Fall Faire

After several meetings and discussions, the Kicking Horse Country Fall Faire Committee has made a decision to bring an end to the Fall Faire in Golden.

The popular event, which began in 2008, has done nothing but grow since coming into fruition. It has grown so much in fact that the museum could no longer keep up with the grant writing and reporting for the event.

“The event originally was supposed to be a onetime occasion. It was supposed to represent what an old-fashioned Fall Faire could look like. It was a very popular event. It was an event aimed at families; a celebration for our community…something not aimed at tourists, but simply for the town,” Curator for the Golden Museum, Colleen Palumbo said.

The event that was started as a onetime experience to share historical events with the community, the Fall Faire has become such a large time commitment that the museum can no longer justify the time needed to spend on the event.

“We had six separate organizations that contributed to the funding of the Faire, but for each organization extremely lengthy grant applications needed to be filled out. The process ate up a lot of time. It is time that needs to be put directly into the museum itself,” Palumbo added. “It is sad, but it has been a real treat for me to be involved.”

Numerous groups and organizations were offered the opportunity to take over the reins of the Fall Faire, but to no avail.

The Fall Faire will certainly be an event that will be missed by all Golden residents, that is if no one steps up to the organizing plate. So, Golden will have to take in some of the other great events that happen throughout the seasons in our community.