Family Literacy Day, a learning experience for all those in attendance

Family Literacy Day at the RecPlex

Family Literacy Day at the RecPlex

As our lives are slowing turning into a strict dependency to cell phone chatter, linguistically incorrect texting, and hours of television and internet surfing we are slowly losing touch of literacy, our language. On January 27th Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) held its fifth annual Family Literacy Day Party at the RecPlex. The free event brought out many children and parents alike to play literacy focused games and enjoy some giveaways and snacks. The successful event was able to happen due to the great volunteer work by many local people and businesses.

“The event is held in order to promote family literacy and the different ways to do so,” Community Literacy Co-ordinator, Monica De said of the event.

The event’s theme was “play”. Board games seemed to be a hit as most every table, nearly 10, were covered with many word-type games like the always favourite Scrabble. Children seemed to be entranced by the fun games, perhaps not even realizing that they were learning all the while they were having a blast.

“Events like these are fantastic opportunities for the community. CBAL’s goal is to give each member of our community the basic skills necessary for lifelong ongoing learning. Often such skills can be learned by having fun, like playing games,” De mentioned.

Literacy refers to the reading, writing, speaking, listening, thinking and number skills we need at home, at work, and in our daily lives. With events like these held by CBAL, our children will be that much further ahead in the game of literacy.