Evolving in to something new

Children make silent film at camp

As the summer progresses and you want to find something creative and fun for your children to do the perhaps a kids camp at the Golden museum could be the perfect way to spend a week.

The weeks of camps are July 25- 29, August 8-12 and August 15-19. During the camps  campers will have the chance to make a  lot of their own crafts like hula hoops, tin can telephones and flip books.

Brittany Jones and Katelyn Oszust are the two counsellors who are leading the group this summer.

The counsellors explained what the students have been doing in the first week of the camps this summer.

“They decorated and planted their own flowers and watered and watched them grow throughout the week. They made ice cream from scratch. The kids learned how to use an old fashioned typewriter and how the old fashion postal system worked including the pony express. They got see a victrola record player and understand how it works and listen to old records,” Jones said.

Colleen Palumbo is the executive director of the Golden Museum who thinks the camp gives students to try something new.

“We came up with the concept of technology and how it has changed and evolved,” Palumbo said.

Campers were given a chance to look at how technology has advanced in the last 100 years both locally and in the world.

The counsellors both professed how much they have enjoyed working with the campers so far and only expect the camps to get better over the next few weeks. One of the new parts of the camp this years is a movie making project.

“They got dressed up like pioneers and filmed a silent movie and then got to watch it on the big screen in the theatre with their parents on the last day of camp,” Oszust said.

Campers laughed and had a great time at the theatre which for many of them was the first time they had ever seen themselves acting on a big screen.

“The camp offers a lot of fun and learning about different aspects of life and many things about Golden and how it camp to be,” Jones said.

For any more information about the program or other events happening over the summer feel free to contact the Golden Museum.