Pictured above are the owners of the aSpilli Bean Coffee Shop Sharon Jamieson

Pictured above are the owners of the aSpilli Bean Coffee Shop Sharon Jamieson

Everyone is welcome at the street fair in Spillimacheen

The Spillimacheen Arts and Crafts Street Fair is set to go on June 2.

June 2  will see the streets of Spillimacheen filled with people as the third annual “Spillimacheen Arts and Crafts Street Fair” will once again be coming to town.

Hosted by the Spilli Bean and Beeland, the event will combine great artists, crafts people and some wonderful food.

“We are hoping we can make our own thing with the street festival. We want to include things like the arts and crafts. We are going to have information sessions and people coming by for lunch and coffee,” said one of the owners of the Spilli Bean Donna Ford

Morley Winnick who has been spurring the event for the past few years said people from all over the Columbia Valley and beyond come to the event.

“We have lined up painters, crafts people, phenomenal leather workmen, jewellery, and buckle makers. It is a family event where there will be something for everyone,” he said.

This year also coincides with the 100-year anniversary of the trading posts which is situated at the site of the fair.

“We are also going to have a telescope set up for people to look at the mountains and do an information session about the Bugaboos,” Ford said.

Winnick felt this event is something everyone should come to.

“To have a good time and celebrate the arts and crafts and good food. The cafe will be offering up specials and we always give away free ice cream sundaes with our honey Saskatoon ice cream topping.”

Both businesses wanted to thank the people who come down from Golden both for the event and also for the support they show the businesses. “We get huge support from the people in Golden so we want to invite people to come to this celebration this year,” Winnick said.

Anyone interested in learning more about the event can call 250-346-3160 or email service@beeland.ca