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East Kootenay Brain Injury Association to host barbecue

The East Kootenay Injury Association will be having a barbecue at Overwaitea in Golden.

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and the East Kootenay Brain Injury Association (EKBIA) is hosting a barbecue at Overwaitea on June 16 to commemorate it.

The ultimate goal for June is to bring awareness to brain injury survivors as well as their family members, caregivers, support workers and the overall community to help everyone understand that it takes a large support system involving many people to help facilitate a new life of rehabilitation and recovery for survivors.

Each brain injury is different.

This list goes on with what the injured person struggles with daily, and family and friends also struggle with emotions after finding out a loved one has suffered a brain injury.

The only cure for this “silent epidemic” is to never have a brain injury in the first place.

So prevention is another key component of Brain Injury Awareness Month.

“Awareness is getting much better. I think overall, with groups promoting it, athletes who have suffered brain injuries, it’s just out there more,” said Debbie Gudjonson, outreach worker for the Columbia Valley region of EKBIA.

“All over the province they will be holding events this month to promote awareness of brain injuries.”

The number of brain injuries reported has been on the rise for quite some time, but Gudjonson thinks that is a result of increased awareness.

“More people are recognizing brain injuries than they were before when they would often go untreated and undiagnosed.”

The EKBIA is there to provide support to people living with brain injuries, and their families.

If you know someone with a brain injury who needs support call EKBIA at 344-5674, or email

“Brain injury hurts,” said Gudjonson.

“You can’t see a brain injury, there’s no cast or anything. So you often hear comments like ‘what’s wrong with that person.’ They don’t recognize it.”