Eager Beavers visit Golden Search and Rescue

Beavers hanging out with Golden's Search and Rescue.

Beavers hanging out with Golden's Search and Rescue.

On Monday 28th February Joel Jackson from Golden Search and Rescue invited us to visit the search and rescue facility here in Golden before it is closed down.

Again, he was bombarded by questions from the eager Beavers like: what does this do? how does this work? why is this so heavy?

Talk about inquisitive learning, these gentlemen have it all.

Joel invited us back when the weather is warmer to  show us how SAR use some of the equipment on their rescue missions. We look forward to that.

Thanks again to Golden Search and Rescue and Joel for allowing us to visit, and we all hope you find new premises soon to carry on you invaluable work.

If you would like to find out more about the Beaver / Cub program please contact Karrisa Palletier at 250 344 8960 or Mark Baxendale at 250 290 0300.