Dreams and happenings at Lady Grey and field

It is a busy time of year for students in two local schools.

Lady Grey: Stream of Dreams, Interim Reporting, Beyond the Hurt

With just over two months to go, this is an action packed time of year for our students and staff.  All students will be doing their final District Write in the middle of May while all our Grade 5’s will also be doing a District Numeracy assessment.

During the week of April 30 to May 4 teachers will be contacting parents for an informal reporting period.  They will either send a written report, phone or hold an interview.

To accommodate any interviews, Wednesday, May 2 will be an early dismissal date with students getting off at 2 p.m.  Buses will run one (1) hour early.

Tonight at 7 p.m. is the final public performance of our school musical: No Strings Attached at the Civic Centre.  Under the direction of Maggie Calladine, and with the help of many staff and community members, this is a must see show. We also have several cultural performances over the next few weeks.  These include a Parks presentations titled, Wild Sings on May 4 and Masabo on May 8.

Our watershed awareness/art project is in full swing with classes having sanded and primed wooden fish in preparation for our three day Stream of Dreams workshops commencing on April 30.

We welcome parents to contact the school and sign up to help in the art classes or to hang the fish on the fence.  Hanging the fish on the fence is an area where we desperately need parent and/or community helpers.  Please contact Laurie MacDougall at the school if you can help.

Finally all students have been involved in classroom based workshops with a bullying prevention theme.  Trained facilitators from the high school were in classrooms for two hour sessions offering scenarios, strategies and ways to reduce bullying.  In addition, we hosted an informative evening for staff and parents on April 11 in our gym.  We had a candid, hopeful discussion.  Plans are in place to continue along this positive path.  Again thank you to our PAC and parents for all their support.


Field School Happenings

We are busy and happy at Field School even though we’ve finally had to stop tobogganing!  Eventually all the snow will disappear …surely!  This week we have started dance lessons from a young women from Banff.  She teaches us dances from around the world.  The children are looking forward to Mrs. Larwill teaching here for a while as their teacher will be recovering from surgery.  We expect that she will love being here as much as we do.