Critical Point for Alpine Independent School

Alpine Independent School is looking for students

BOD of Kicking Horse Country Independent School Society and Alpine Independent School.


Alpine Independent School has been very busy preparing for Sept 2011, and is currently interviewing three teacher candidates for the upcoming school year.  We are also working out the details on an in-town location for the school, with weekly outings to a rural classroom in the Blaeberry.

Alpine has nine students enrolled for Sept. 2011; legally we require a minimum of 10 students to proceed.    (We plan to limit enrolment to a maximum of 16 students for the 2011/12 school year.)

Alpine Independent School is at a critical juncture.  We will require our minimum enrolment in the next couple of weeks if we are to proceed with hiring one of our teacher candidates and opening our doors this September.  If not, the opening of Alpine Independent School may be postponed until September, 2012.

Alpine Independent School offers a safe and inclusive learning environment, student-focused instruction, outdoor classrooms, a strong arts program, and second language learning.  Alpine Independent is a non-profit, publicly funded school that operates independently of the local school district and meets all educational requirements as outlined by the BC Ministry of Education.

If you would like your K-3 child in a small class with innovative, hands-on learning, individualized teacher attention and outdoor activities then Alpine is your answer.  To ensure a place for your child in Sept. 2011, please contact us immediately at or leave a message at 250-344-3202.