Combining passions to create a book store and more

Book store owners bring reading to the masses

Niki Dusseault

Niki Dusseault

A Golden local providing her community with literature and education. Niki Dusseault, co-owner of Bacchus Books said her and her partner Caleb Moss’ mission is to contribute to the town of Golden. But Dusseault and Moss aren’t just focusing on selling books.

“I wanted to combine my three favorite things, books, food and coffee,” Dusseault said. That’s why Bacchus Books doubles as a great place to eat as well.

Bacchus Books has been doubling as a café and bookstore for five years and offers wireless internet to its customers, “We support education. If you are doing distant learning it’s tough to do from home and we provide a great environment for that.”

The independent bookstore offers a great environment for anybody. Dusseault said they provide an intimate and personal environment with a staff that love to get to know their customers. “We have people who come here every day to work on school or just read. We also have people who have weekend houses here and come during that time. But we remember them all. We don’t have a huge staff turnover and we remember who comes here. I think that’s important.”

When asked why she decided to take on an independent bookstore and café, Dusseault’s answer was simple. “I have always been an avid reader and there are so many stories to be told. Literature is very important and it’s important to spread around.” Dusseault said that a perk of owning an independent bookstore is their ability to cater to what the customer needs. “It’s more customized. We aren’t forced to sell what is given to us. We have the freedom to order for our customers which gives our customers the freedom to read whatever interests them.”


This freedom has made its way to the internet where Bacchus Books now has an online ordering option. “It’s just this day an age. It’s hard enough for independent bookstores as it is because of the online access and all the big bulk stores. This way we can offer a variety of ways for people to get what they want which is important. It is important for people to have the ability to order what they want because that way people will always continue reading and enjoy it, and that is important.” The independently owned bookstore also has over 10 thousand used books. “Books are important, literature is important and learning is important. Rather than throwing out a book, we give people the option to recycle their book and let others enjoy it. I think all of that is very important to literature. A comfortable setting and learning environment is important. It’s more than just books.”