A short but busy month at Alexander Park

Vicci Nelson Principal of Alexander Park School talks about February at the school.

Vicci Nelson

Principal Alexander Park School

February at Alexander Park has been filled with celebrations and special events. The beginning of the month had children making predictions as to whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow. Some students hoping for six more weeks of winter, and others hoping that spring would soon be here. Students were actively engaged in math, language, building, computer, art, and even movement centers during our school wide celebration of One Hundred’s Day at school. School days have also been filled with Valentine’s Day, skating, and gymnastics, and the month is only half over! On Wednesday, February 29, we have Pink Shirt Day. Students are encouraged to wear a pink shirt or other pink clothing to school that day to take a stand against bullying.

Our activities focusing on literacy over the last few weeks have been a success. Many students and their families went cold turkey and did not watch TV or play games on the computer for a whole day during the last week of January. Ten of those families were lucky enough to win $20 gift certificates to Bacchus Books. A special thanks to our Parent Advisory Council for helping to sponsor the event. It was also great to see so many moms and dad playing games like Scrabble, Clue, and Memory for our Board Games afternoon. It’s also great to have the One to One tutors back at the school for another session, giving extra reading practice to some of our students. Many thanks to Monica De and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) for sponsoring and coordinating this very beneficial program.

Hard to believe but the school is already gearing up for the 2012/2013 school year. Registration for all children entering kindergarten in the fall will take place from March 5 to March 16. To be eligible for Kindergarten in September 2012 your child must reach the age of five on or before December 31, 2012. A birth certificate or other legally acceptable document must be provided at the time of registration. We look forward to meeting our in coming ‘kindies.’

Lastly I would like once again to remind parents that literacy learning begins at home. Help your child to experience the incredible world of knowledge and imagination being a reader can bring by taking time each day to read together.