A quiet November at LGES

November started with a continuation of our collaborative meeting times

November started with a continuation of our collaborative meeting times where teachers met for an afternoon last week to discuss and formulate plans to facilitate our School Growth Plan.  Our goal is to bring the reading comprehension scores of our Target Group of students closer to grade level.  The major thrust for the fall is for all teachers to use SMART learning strategies involving imagery in their teaching.  We again have a number of one to one tutors who are reading with many of our students.

Last month the LGES running club wrapped up with an assembly recognizing close to 40 students completing the 40 kms.  Several lunch clubs will start up or continue into November including, crafts, girls indoor soccer, wrestling, circus arts, and street hockey.

Some upcoming events include:  our Remembrance Day assembly at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, November 10.  As well all classes will also have avalanche awareness sessions later this month.

Breakfast to go started a couple of weeks ago thanks to Sharon Virk and volunteers. Our hot lunch program also started on Friday, Nov. 4  organized by Judy Kardash.

The PAC fundraising Raffle for a Trip for Four to Disneyland or a $5,000 travel voucher did very well with Bryce Piggot winning the main prize.  Other cash prize winners were: Terri Pitman, Anita Ericsson, Alison McIsaac, Todd Wilson, Chantelle Schacher and Randy Fryer.

Thank you to Kisa Glasier for heading up this very successful fundraiser.    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students, staff and parents who make Lady Grey such a great place to be.

Field Elementary School Update:

We have been very busy at Field School.  Before the snow starts flying we’ve been driving to Canmore for swimming and gymnastics lessons – they have been fantastic.

We enjoyed lots of Halloween celebrations.  We had an “awful” Halloween lunch of bat wings, guts, eyeballs, mud and worms!  We were invited to the Kicking Horse Lodge to carve pumpkins and drink the most delicious hot chocolate.

On the day of Halloween we enjoyed lots of activities, the best being, bobbing for apples and dodging for donuts!  November promises to be a quieter month – I think!!

Ian Robinson

Principal at Lady Grey Elementary

and Field Elementary