The attached photo is a picture of the Golden Detachment in 1953

The attached photo is a picture of the Golden Detachment in 1953

A look back on the history of policing in and around Golden

Colleen Palumbo takes us on a journey through policing in Golden.

On August 15, 1950, the R.C.M.P. absorbed the BC Provincial Police and assumed the responsibility of the full policing of the province. One detachment, consisting of one constable (Cst. D.B. “Doc” Poole) & one corporal (Cpl. Alexander Craig) was opened at Golden. On that same date, the RC.M.P. took over as detachment quarters, an office, cell room, and married living quarters in a building owned by the BC Provincial Government.

This building, located at 612 10th Avenue East was rented. It was vacated on January 31 , 1965. The location is beside the present day (“1998) Reddi Mart Convenience Store. The detachment neighbored the Court House of the time, which has since become a vacant building itself.

A new Crown-owned R.C.M.P. Type 17 Detachment Building was built by Burnham Construction Ltd. of Golden on the corner of Calgary and River Streets in 1964. These new quarters were occupied on February 1, 1965.

The R.C.M.P. continued excavations at the Golden Pioneer Cemetery at some point during the early 1980s. The occupants of the cemetery were removed and relocated to the present Golden cemetery.

Presumably, the cemetery was excavated due to its position adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway that was being upgraded near the cemetery at the time.

In 1975, the R.C.M.P. Type 17 Detachment Building was sold to a local resident (It is presently situated at 503 – 11 th Street) and the Detachment took temporary quarters in the downtown section across the bridge at 414 E 6th Avenue. During the next year the new office transferred to this new building in the spring of 1977. Official opening for the new Detachment Office took place in July 1977 .


Once Again the Detachment was situated at 902 9th Street, formerly corner of Calgary and River Streets.

The Golden Highway Patrol Unit regionalized in May 1995 to increase its membership from five to seven members. As well, authorization was given the same year to allow Golden H.P. members to patrol 45 kilometers into the Alberta Border.


In 1996, the Highway Patrol experienced yet another gain in resources by the authorization of a Sergeant in charge bringing the total number of members to eight. Today,  Golden Highway members patrol Highway #1 from Castle Junction to Roger’s Pass, Hwy 93 to Invermere and Hwy 95 to Golden.

In June 1998, the Field RC.M.P. Detachment was closed permanently. Supplies and personnel were transferred to the Golden Detachment. The Golden RC.M.P. now provides police service for the Field area. Previously, Field was a two-person detachment until 1996. In 1996, Field Detachment was reduced to one member detachment, while coverage was provided by the Golden RC.M.P. when Field’s constable was off duty.

Today, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are acting to meet the challenges and ever present changes to better prepare the police for the evolving needs of our community. Community Based policing has become a way of doing business for the local detachment. The means used to  accomplish this goal is through the R.C.M.P. Community Consulting Group.

This group consists of members of the public who are interested in obtaining the best possible policing service that  addresses the concerns and issues of relevance to the people of Golden and area.

The recent introduction of restorative justice programs such as the Golden Youth and Adult Assistance Programs have provided the community with alternatives to the court process that are proving themselves to be very effective deterrents to crime.

Other community initiatives include the Auxiliary Constable Program which has been around for years and has provided volunteers in the community an opportunity to assist regular members with policing and law enforcement.

The Golden R.C.M.P. plan to continue the tradition of providing the best possible police service to the people of Golden and area into the next Millennium as we meet new challenges and changes.