A history of fines, crimes and the occasional donnybrook

Local historian Colleen Palumbo looks at the past of Golden.

We have so many wonderful, sometimes serious and sometimes amusing historical artifacts in our archive, that I thought I might share some of the daily notes recorded by the keeper of the prisoners in Golden’s Gaol (old fashioned spelling of jail).

I have had to do a bit of editing for privacy as well as saying things in the ‘politically correct” way but there are some gems.

If I have missed something that may not be entirely correct, please keep in mind that it was 100 years ago.

We have prisoners’ effects books and gaol books from the Donald Gaol, starting in 1895 but while they have great bits of information, the fellow recording the information in the gaol book seemed more interested in recording the daily weather conditions than he was in reporting what was happening around town.

Not that the weather record is a bad thing, especially considering how many times I get asked about it.

Bits from the Gaol Diary for 1900.

January 1st, received check for $50.00 for salary. January 2nd, held two prisoners until January 6th.

January 9th, one prisoner brought in drunk and needed assistance. January 10th, prisoner fined 200 dollars.

January 20th, one prisoner is doing odd jobs around the jail.

February 7th, head man for C.P.R. was ran over by car and killed. Went to find and investigate witnesses to accident.

February 9th, Dr Taylor was called to attend to sick prisoner. February 12th, Dr Taylor called again.

March 6th, posted vaccines for smallpox.

March 14th, arrested William Lawson for D & D.

March 15th, William Lawson discharged and sentence is suspended.

March 31st, J. Robinson arrested in Kootenay House for disorderly conduct and drunkiness. It took twenty minutes to cuff him, as he put up a big fight.

April 2nd, J Robinson is fined 10 dollars or 14 days in jail.

April 15th, man Clinty arrested for bad language and being drunk. Clinty escapes. Arrested John Bouchard, drunk. Arrested J. Robinson only for assault.

April 16th, Magistrate releases John Bouchard only with a caution. At Revelstoke for one week.

May 14th, go to building owned by Tam Sing to inspect it. Give him 24 hours to clean it up. May 15th, J.H. Robinson convicted of having a stolen watch in his pocket. W. Bainbei arrested in streets of Golden ran whole I was trying to arrest him. May 16th, W. Bainbei fined 100 dollars,

May 26th, arrested John Hancock for D & D. May 27th, John Hancock fined 5 dollars.

June 2nd, Bundett arrested for drunkeness. Richard Maine arrested for being drunk, released until court.

June 25th, arrested William Brunkman for exposing his person (making water) just opposite Mr Hamiltoin’s house at railing or bridge at Golden.

June 27th, William Brunkman fined $1.00 and $4.00 costs.

July 4th, Mr. Bubar was drowned by falling off boom of logs working for the Columbia River Lumber Company. Later that same day his body is found, stripped of all his clothes, even his shoes.

August 6th, Manuel Dainard acts as Deputy now.

September 17th, arrested John Bryant for D & D at Brisco. September 18th, J Bryant fined 5 dollars.

November 1st – 14th, in Revelstoke, 14th – 19th in Nelson.

December 11th. Checked J. McGovern and found he has stolen gloves and a coat from the Kootenay House.

December 22, arrested A. Anderson for D & D, he threatened to kill me, there was a big brawl and I was badly hurt.

December 23 to 31st. Sherriff Redgrave still on duty although he is in a great deal of pain.

Note: Sherriff  Redgrave died as a result of injuries from that last fight. What is amazing is that he was still on active duty at 72 years of age.