100 years of parks history and photos

BC Parks turns 100, publishes book

The year 2011 marks a special anniversary as B.C Parks turns 100.

To commemorate this historic event James D. Anderson has put together a special book call British Columbia’s Magnificent Parks: The First 100 Years.

The book is filled with stunning  photographs and factual information about the almost 1000 parks in the province. Anderson has a unique perspective on the parks in B.C.

“I worked for the provincial government for 30 years in all areas of resource management. I was front and centre to the how should we use lands and resources in British Columbia,” Anderson said.

He went on to explain that he had a great job with B.C. Parks which gave him the chance to go into most areas of B.C. and helped make recommendations on where some parks should be.

As for how much time he has put into the book, Anderson explained it all came down who you asked in his family.

“It depends on whether you talk to me or my wife. My wife would say forever, from me about three years or more.”

Even though he has enjoyed producing the book the story teller did have some challenges along the way.

“One hundred years of history and almost a thousand parks. There is so much information to tell a story that would be interesting to the public. Working with Harbour publishing to edit my text and pick out the photos that would go in made for a great balance between showing pictures and telling a story,” Anderson said.

As for why he wanted to take on the challenge Anderson explained, “This was an opportunity for us to tell the story of the centennial. It is a remarkable news story. B.C. has this beautiful parks system that is far and away the best in Canada. We have millions of people who visit our parks and we have lots to be proud of and I wanted to tell that story.”