Women in business: Magi Scallion Professional Services enhancing Golden’s businesses

Women in business: Magi Scallion Professional Services enhancing Golden’s businesses

In her five years living in Golden, Magi Scallion has become a household name in the community for her outdoorsy athletic spirit and her business consulting business that has helped bring many large scale events to the town.

As a proclaimed business nerd and with a passion for marketing, Scallion is helping businesses succeed in the community. Her business, Magi Scallion Professional Services provides business development and marketing support to small and medium sized businesses.

She has found a way to combine her two loves of business management and outdoors in Golden, B.C.

An avid runner, skier, and outdoor enthusiast, Scallion doesn’t see herself leaving Golden any time soon. Originally from Nova Scotia, Scallion moved West to pursue her high level cross country ski racing passion. She moved from the East Coast to Canmore, Alberta after completing her MBA and bachelor of commerce at Queen’s University.

After living in Canmore for a year, and getting a job at the Canmore Nordic Centre, she moved to Vancouver to do another MBA.

She quickly realized that she wanted to be back in the mountains, but decided against returning to Canmore. Golden was on her list of possible relocations, and she decided to move here to be close to her friends and enjoy the trails in the surrounding area.

“I just felt like it was more fitting for my personality,” Scallion said.

Scallion’s professional services takes care of the Golden Ultra, bringing the high octane trail running mountain stage race, ultramarathon and relay to Golden, and Golden Retreats, which is a trail running and cross country ski retreat.

Scallion has kept herself very busy since arriving in Golden, but she has hired two more women to help her with her undertaking.

“My kind of mission for the next two years is to enjoy life outside of work, which is difficult when you live in a small town and you do things that are really involved with the community, and it’s really hard to get away from work,” she said. “And, when you love doing what you do for work, it’s hard to shut it off.”