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Winston Lodge steps up to support the Golden Rockets

The Golden Rockets had a special sponsor for their home games as the Winston Lodge stepped up to get people into playoff spirit.
The Winston Dude was in attendance at the Golden Rockets home games on March 8 and 9.

The Golden Rockets had a special sponsor for two of their home games as the Winston Lodge  stepped up to help get people into playoff spirit.

Hockey fans would have noticed a large banner/photo of the lodge in the lobby and the Winston Dude was everywhere in the arena helping  to greet the fans and play with the children.

The lodge owners also set a 50/50 challenge to try and set record amounts  collected at the games.

“We gave away over 500 Deputy Buttons on Friday and 500 Foil Badge Stickers on Saturday,” said owner of the Winston Lodge, Bill Braisher. “Our goal was to set the all time highest 50/50 draw jackpot, and to help we bought $100 worth of tickets each night and promised to give the money back to the Rockets if we won. Friday’s jackpot was $780.00. On Saturday we broke our own record as the draw hit $873.00.”

The lodge also supplied shirts and mugs as prizes for the puck toss.

“The Golden Figure Skating club helped us out by dawning Winston Staff shirts and Cowboy hats during the anthem ceremony. Cowboy Dave Whyte, our regular weekend entertainer, came down and played a tribute to the Memory of Stompin Tom Connors during the first intermission of Friday nights game,” he said. “This was a great event for us, we got to showcase our product and support our community.  I’d like to inform and encourage everyone that it’s really easy and inexpensive to sponsor a game.”