Bob Finnie

Bob Finnie

Wide selection and competitive pricing key to Lordco success

With over 100 locations across B.C., Lordco is far from your classic, small town mom and pop shop.

With over 100 locations across B.C., Lordco is far from your classic, small town mom and pop shop. The company started in Maple Ridge in 1974 and has since expanded across the province. The company’s size hasn’t stopped Bob Finnie, Inside Sales Representative at the Lordco in Golden, from building a good rapport with Goldenites.

Competitive pricing and having a good selection are very important in a town like this where competition can be fierce. Finnie and Lordco try to stay ahead of their competitors by offering a wide selection of products with competitive pricing. A connection with the community doesn’t hurt either.

“[We’ve] built a connection with the community through service and availability,” said Finnie. “We sit down with the customer and talk to the customer about their needs. We don’t just sell them the part. We work with them to try and find out what their needs are and give them the right part at the right time.”

The store always strives to have a full inventory by having a quick turnaround on sold items.

“If I sell a part today, within a day or two, it’s back in the store. A quick turnaround on the parts is very important.”

Finnie is originally from Montreal and moved out here as an employee of CP Rail. After leaving CP, Finnie became the owner of the NAPA Auto Parts store in town before selling it and taking over operations at Lordco when the shop opened six years ago.

Today, Lordco sells more than just auto parts. Electric bikes haven’t taken off yet as a big seller but they have generated some interest amongst customers. The bikes can be charged at home and can last for up to 60 kilometres on a single charge, maxing out at 60 km/h. Lordco is also selling inner-tubes as part of a summer lineup of products.

Finnie also ensures that the auto parts store maintains a good relationship with dealers around town. The store sends a sales representative around to various customers on a weekly basis.

“You have to be able to touch base with the client and be able to understand his needs and try and help as best as we can,” said Finnie.